At 420 William Street (in Vic West between Wilson and Esquimalt Roads) February 11–27, 2005

Standoffish is a series of sculptural works aimed at questioning the relationship between the viewer and art object. Tactile materials like fleece, and subtle levels of interactivity beckon to the viewer: TOUCH THE ART. Because elements of Standoffish reference painting, there is an unspoken tension between the tactile and visual qualities at work... look but don't touch, touch but don't look.

This series utilizes ready-made objects that have been manipulated and elevated from their everyday use and status as cheap tacky accessories. With a decidedly kitsch aesthetic, Standoffish references pop-culture, nostalgia and uses patterned motifs such as neon camouflage popularized by Andy Warhol.

Jason Gress is a Saskatoon artist currently enrolled in his second year of the MFA program at the University of Saskatchewan, and received his BFA from UVic in 2003. His practice involves explorations into kitsch, design, as well as commodity culture. Often using readily available yet unconventional commercial materials, Jason is interested in finding links between consumptive and creative processes. Many of the materials the artist uses come from bargain-stores.

Jason will be a part of several shows in 2005 including The Infinity Show curated by Jo Cook at the Helen Pitt Gallery in Vancouver, as well as Canadian Idyll at AKA Artist Run Centre, Artists by Artists at the Mendel Art Gallery, and Rollz at the Frances Morrison Gallery, all in Saskatoon.

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