Project Telephone

Ever played telephone when you were a child? Project Telephone does this with art. Eleven works in different media created by relay… interpretation after interpretation. This is only the first year, don’t miss the beginning.

Artist/curator Tobla Howell’s fascination with energy, matter, and the interrelatedness of all things led to the creation of Project Telephone. I started with one work then passed it to the first artist who created an interpretation of that piece. That work was then given to another artist who created their interpretation and so on. Each artist was given between 2 weeks to a month to create their piece… the results are thought-provoking. The means of unification the artists chose are all completely different. Some are purely visual or intellectual, some are right there right away, and some take 10 minutes before they let you go….

You are invited to the first year of what no doubt will be an “eternal” project. Opening night is Friday November 12th at 7pm. Show runs until November 21st with weekend gallery hours from 1–4pm.

Special telephone books will be available opening night and on weekends so that you can play the game too.

Two Films: Mutations of American Patriotism & Activism

Films exploring the cynical patriotism of Tommy Hilfiger commercials and the work of acclaimed American poet and political activist June Jordan will be amongst the films screened to accompany Project Telephone, a group exhibition at Xchanges Gallery.

California Telephone
Director Haruko Tanaka

California Telephone is a portrait of a group of seven women and men playing the game commonly known as “telephone”. A message is whispered to the first person who then turns to whisper the message to the next, and so on until the altered message is revealed to all. In California Telephone the messages are lines of poetry excerpted from the work of the late June Jordan (1936–2002) — poet, novelist, essayist and political activist. The film attempts to speak and listen between the lines of June Jordan’s words of resistance and insistence.

A close friend of Jordan’s will be on hand to read one of her poems and answer questions.

One Nation Under Tommy
Directors Josh Gibson, Saillie Patrick, Nayeli Garci-Crespo, Michael Lahey & Chris Jolly

Adapting the childrens’ game of known as “telephone”, One Nation Under Tommy is a mutation/ deformation/ liberation of a cynically patriotic Tommy Hilfiger commercial. The commercial was given to a writer who wrote a script that was then passed on to another writer etc. The filmmakers did this five times and this film is the result.

Exhibition Opens at 7pm, Nov. 12, 2004
Films Start at 8:30 p.m.
By Donation, Refreshments Sold.


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