Dance of the Damned

Artists Bill Friesen and Marci Katz invite the public to their first experimental collaboration: Dance of the Damned.

Both artists have worked and exhibited independently, and also as part of the three-person Eastside Group. Both explore levels of experience that are abstract, hidden, and primal. With this new work, they experiment collaboratively with the effects of gender interaction upon their subject matter.

Dance of the Damned is an installation piece featuring large, abstracted figures constructed from branches, straw, rags, and a collection of found materials. These figures are bound together with rope and chains, locked together into a ritualistic dance or procession.

Their bizarre situation reflects the absurdity and anguish of human interaction.

Dance of the Damned will show at Xchanges Artists’ Gallery & Studios July 15–25. Gallery hours are 1–4 pm, Saturdays and Sundays. Opening night will be Thursday, July 15 from 7–9 pm; both artists will be present and the public is invited.

For further information please call Xchanges at 382-0442.



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