Carnival of Destruction:
Artists’ Midway & Demolition Derby

Artists, curators and performers are invited to submit proposals & artwork to Xchanges Gallery’s “Carnival of Destruction: Artists’ Midway & Demolition Derby”, October 10, 2003.

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Proposals for innovative & creative ways to destroy unwanted artworks at the Carnival, and Performances about destruction may be submitted no later than September 6. Please contact the Gallery Coordinator for more information.

Unwanted artwork to be spectacularly destroyed by numerous & varied means. Work may be in any medium and may include kitsch objects. All work to be left at Xchanges Gallery on September 27 & 28. All work will be destroyed at the Carnival on October 10, and none returned.

Please address submissions to:

Jury of 100 Monkeys
Xchanges Gallery & Artists’ Studios
420 William Street
Victoria BC, V9A 3Y9


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